New anti-money laundering regime mandates registration of trust beneficiaries

  Following the passage of S.I. 16 of 2019 European Union (Anti-Money Laundering: Beneficial Ownership of Trusts) Regulations 2019, trustees will be subject to a requirement to maintain certain information pertaining to the beneficial owners of a trust.  Read more

Review: Twomey on Partnership (2nd Ed)

The following is an excerpt from a review of one of our most recent publications, Twomey on Partnership (2nd Ed) in which reviewer Elspeth Berry of Nottingham Trent University notes that this long-awaited second edition 'is highly readable, being clearly written throughout' and comments that the book is useful for. Read more

Murdoch's Word of the Week: Good Friday Agreement

The agreement reached in the multi-party negotiations in Belfast on 10th April 1998 and annexed to the agreement between the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the government of Ireland and done on the same date. Also known as the Belfast Agreement or the British-Irish Agreement. Read more

Immigration and Asylum Law Briefing - February

Bundhooa v Minister for Justice and Equality [2018] IEHC 756 The applicant is a citizen of Mauritius who held a 'stamp 2' student permission which expired in 2011. Thereafter, she was illegally present in Ireland. Then, on 30 July 2015 she applied for a residence card after marrying an EU national. However, on 30. Read more

FE-1 Exams: Are you ready for March?

With the next sitting just around the corner, our online editor discusses his own experience of the dreaded Final Examinations - First Part. More commonly known as the FE-1s, these exams are a rite of passage for those seeking to gain entry to Blackhall Place and by extension, the legal profession. Read more
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Law Society issues guidance on data protection

On Tuesday 5 February, the Law Society of Ireland issued a new Practice Note entitled: 'Data retention and destruction of paper and electronic files'. This follows on from a 2005 note in the same area, repeating and revising guidance in relation to best practice cyber-security procedures as they pertain to solicitors. Read more

Irish Property Law Update: February 2019

Issue 86 of the Irish Property Law Update is now live for subscribers to Irish Property Law. In this issue, J.C.W. Wylie offers concise and erudite analysis on recent developments in Irish law pertaining to all aspects of real property, including: easements, drafting and constructing of deeds, the position of parties. Read more

European Union Law Briefing

  Google responds to planned Copyright Directive The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, also known as the EU Copyright Directive, is a proposed directive which intends to ensure a 'well-functioning marketplace for the exploitation of works and other subject-matter', paying particular attention to. Read more

Trusts: the future of aviation finance law in Ireland?

Ireland is internationally recognised as the domicile of choice for aircraft leasing transactions, with 14 of the top 15 lessors located here. Moreover, over half of the world's fleet of leased aircraft are managed by Irish-based companies - a fact that is quite significant when one considers that roughly half of all. Read more

Planning and Environment Law Briefing

Nestor v An Bord Pleanála [2018] IEHC 547 Application for judicial review - planning permission refusal - litigant in person - 2007 Building Guidelines Judgment of Noonan J delivered on 30 July 2018 Read more
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Brexit Briefing

Unwelcome Valentine's Day surprise looks likely for Prime Minister Last night Conservative MP Mark Francois told BBC News that he and the other members of the European Research Group (ERG) will vote against Ms May's motion on Brexit scheduled for today, citing the fact that it explicitly rules out a no-deal British. Read more

Limited liability partnerships: the LSRA 2015 and the Boston-Bolton conundrum

Introduction Read more

Immigration and Asylum Law Briefing

    Supreme Court to hear appeal in citizenship case based on 'secret evidence' The Supreme Court is to hear the appeal of an Iranian man who has been denied citizenship, despite living in Ireland since he was granted refugee status in 1991, according to a report in the Irish Times. In 2014, his attempt to become a. Read more

'Big Mac' trademark decision a win for Supermac's

BIG MAC (2019) EUIPO 000014788 European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) cancels use of 'Big Mac' trademark across the EU with immediate effect, after application for revocation successfully brought by Supermac's (Holdings) Ltd against McDonald's International Property Company Ltd.  Read more
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