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Perjury and Related Offences Bill passes Seanad Committee Stage

On 24 October 2018, the Perjury and Related Offences Bill came before the Seanad Third Stage, also known as the ‘Committee Stage’, for the purpose of discussing potential amendments. Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Mitigation of Damages

To continue on with our contract law theme, this week's TOTW explains the principles underpinning the concept that one must take steps to reduce one's exposure to losses in cases involving a breach of contract or a tortious wrong. Read more

European Union Law Briefing - April 2019

EU Parliament backs whistleblower protection directive On Tuesday 16 April, the European Parliament voted in favour of a new directive which would protect whistleblowers who are reporting on breaches of Union law.  Read more

Emiliano Sala debacle: The importance of reaching and recording a clear agreement

In the first of a series of contract law-themed articles, our online editor examines the importance of being familiar with the basic principles of offer and acceptance, as told through the lens of the recent Emiliano Sala debacle.  Read more

Shareholders' Rights Directive due to be transposed into law by June 2019

The second Shareholders' Rights Directive EU/2017/828 (SRD II) is due to be transposed into Irish law by 10 June 2019. Amending a 2007 directive of the same title, SRD II promises increased transparency and new policies aimed at promoting shareholder engagement.  Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Remoteness of Damage

In the antiquated case of Hadley v Baxendale (1854), D was hired to transport the broken crankshaft of a mill for repair but they delayed, causing loss of business for P. The court had to decide whether D should be liable for the lot, or just what was foreseeable. This week's TOTW provides illumination... Read more

Planning and Environment Law Briefing - April 2019

EMA left frustrated, will have to continue operating from UK Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Case Stated

This week's Term of the Week explains the process by which lower courts may seek the opinion of a higher court on a contentious point of law. Read more

Immigration and Asylum Law Briefing - April 2019

Changes to 'critical skills' regime will enable spouses and partners to work On 6 March 2019, the Government introduced changes which will make it easier for partners of non-EU workers with Criticial Skills Employment Permits (CSEP) to also get work here. Read more
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No right to fada under GDPR, says DPC

Following an eight-month investigation, the Data Protection Commission (DPC) have ruled that individuals do not have an 'absolute right' to have their names spelled with fadas.  Read more

Case Note: Quinn v Irish Bank Resolution Corporation

Quinn v Irish Bank Resolution Corporation [2019] IEHC 181 Read more

Intellectual Property and IT Law Update

Issue 17 of our Intellectual Property and IT Law Update is now live for subscribers to our online services. Authored by William Fry solicitors, this update contains in-depth guidance on data protection and GDPR enforcement. Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Reasonable Man

This week's TOTW has gone by many names in the past, most famously: 'The Man on the Clapham omnibus' and 'the man on the Bondi tram'. In legal terms, a reasonable man is a ubiquitous, yet entirely fictional, person to whose standards the courts claim to adhere when fashioning objective legal tests. Read more

Irish Property Law Update - March 2019

Issue 87 of the Irish Property Law Update is now live for subscribers to our online services. In this issue, J.C.W. Wylie offers concise and erudite analysis on recent developments in the law of real property in Ireland, including: conditions of sale, surrender and merger and mortgages. Read more

Brexit Briefing - April 2019

Angela Merkel to hold round-table with border stakeholders As part of her visit to Ireland, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will today hold a round-table discussion with a group of interested parties from the border regions, including business owners and those who lived through The Troubles. Read more
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