Employment Law Update - Issue 20

The latest issue of our Irish Employment Law Update is now live for online subscribers. Authored by Tara Murphy BL, this update contains guidance on employment equality issues, unfair dismissals and redundancy cases.

An excerpt from a case note on the issue of granting interlocutory injunctions in an employment context reads: 

'Declining to grant the orders sought, Allen J at the High Court held:

  • The High Court had no jurisdiction to adjudicate either upon the merits of the Plaintiff’s claim under the Protection of Employees (Fixed Term Work) Act 2003 or what the appropriate remedy might be if he were to succeed before the bodies empowered by law to determine the dispute.
  • The High Court had no jurisdiction to make interim or interlocutory orders in cases in which it had no jurisdiction to decide the substance of the dispute.
  • The High Court had no inherent jurisdiction to supplement the statutory remedies made available by the Oireachtas to administrative tribunals for the enforcement of statutory rights...'


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