Intellectual Property and IT Law Update - Issue 19

The July edition of our IT/IP Law Update is now live for online subscribers. Designed to keep practitioners at the cutting edge of technology law, this update contains articles on data protection and intellectual property. An excerpt from the section on data protection regarding the UK Information Commissioner's decision to levy heavy fines against British Airways and Marriott Intl reads:

'On 8 July 2019, the ICO confirmed that it intended to fine British Airways £183.39m for breaches of data protection law. It is reported that this amounts to approximately 1.5% of British Airways' global turnover. The UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham CBE explained that her office had investigated if British Airways had taken ‘appropriate steps to protect fundamental privacy rights’ of its customers.

The proposed fine relates to a cyber-attack that occurred between June and September 2018. The incident involved user traffic to the British Airways website being diverted to a fraudulent site where customer information, including names, addresses and credit card details were harvested by the cyber attackers. The ICO statement reports that the personal data of approximately 500,000 customers were compromised during the four month attack.'


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