Irish Civil Litigation Update - April 2019

Issue 34 of Irish Civil Litigation Update is now live for subscribers to our online services. Authored by a team of subject experts, this update covers personal injuries and the issue of amendment of pleadings.

An excerpt from the section on amendment of pleadings, taken from a case note on the recent decision in Knowles v ESB, reads:

'The court considered the plaintiff’s delay in bringing the application to amend. It was not suggested by the plaintiff that he was unaware of the existence of the other contractors, or that they were doing work similar to himself. The court suggested that no reason was advanced why those instructions could not have been given. Further, the plaintiff claimed that the issue arose further to the discovery of documents. However, the plaintiff engaged in seven case management conferences prior to indicating the intention to amendment his statement of claim, thus incurring costs.'

Subscribers may access the update in full here

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