Irish Conveyancing Precedents - Issue 79

Issue 79 of Irish Conveyancing Precedents has just been added to our Irish Property Law service. Containing new case law as well as revised co-ownership agreements, this issue is now live for online subscribers.

An excerpt from the 'notes' section of this new co-ownership agreement reads:

'This agreement is intended for use in circumstances where trustees, appointed under a discretionary trust in a will have invested the trust funds in the purchase of a property for the beneficiary of the trust. In this agreement an arrangement is in place to provide for circumstances where the trustees have been assisted by one or more co-owners in the purchase of the property for the beneficiary. An example would be where one or more siblings will part fund the investment of a property, with the trustees, to provide a home for the beneficiary where there are not sufficient trust funds available to purchase the property outright.'


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