Media Law in Ireland (2nd Edn) now available online

The second edition of Media Law in Ireland is now live online for subscribers to our IT/IP service. Authors Eoin Carolan and Ailbhe O'Neill write in their preface:

'The aim of this book is to provide a treatment of media law which will be of use to students and practitioners. Media law is an area which evolves and develops with great rapidity. As ideas and technology changes, so our conception of the media and of the role which it plays changes also. This process has, if anything, accelerated in recent years. The courts are continually asked to assess the implications of new developments: some involving the application of traditional principles in a new context; others requiring a reconsideration of those traditional principles themselves. Legislation, both Irish and European, is introduced to regulate new forms of media activity, to address new concerns that emerge as media practices change, or, indeed, to reform legislative policies that have been overtaken by events.'


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