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Murdoch's Term of the Week: Criminal Law

In advance of the imminent release of Criminal Legislation in Ireland by Lynn O'Sullivan, this week's TOTW offers a characteristically concise introduction to the area of criminal law.


Criminal Law:

The body of law which defines the variety of actions (or omissions) which are forbidden by the State and which provides punishment as a sanction. In January 2003, the then Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell SC, appointed a group to advise on the scope of a proposed codification of the criminal law. The Minister said that the challenge facing the group was to devise an approach to codification which would bring greater clarity and consistency to criminal law. However, he said that at the same time it should be sufficiently adaptable so as to facilitate ongoing amendments necessary to keep abreast of advances in criminology, both domestically and on a European basis. The group is chaired by Prof Finbar McAuley, University College Dublin. See “The European Convention on Human Rights and the Irish Criminal Justice System” by Una Ni Raifeartaigh BL in Bar Review (Dec 2001) 111. [Bibliography: Bacik; Carroll; Charleton (1-3); Conway V, Daly Y & Schweppe J; Goldberg; Ó Síocháin; McAuley & McCutcheon; McDermott P A; McIntyre & McMullin; O’Donnell & McAuley; O’Mahony; O’Sullivan L; Ryan & Magee; Walsh D; Reports: Frewen; Casey; Irish Criminal Law Journal].


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