Murdoch's Term of the Week: Sittings of Court

With the Superior Courts currently in recess until the beginning of Michaelmas term on 7 October, this week's TOTW offers insight into the rules governing court sitting periods.


Sittings of Court:

The sittings of the Supreme Court and in Dublin of the High Court are four in every year: the Michaelmas sittings begin on the first Monday of October and end on the 21st December; the Hilary sittings begin on the 11th January and end on the Friday of the week preceding the Easter vacation; the Easter sittings begin on the Monday of the week following the Easter vacation and end on the Thursday preceding Whit Sunday; and the Trinity sittings begin on the Wednesday following Whitsun week and end on the 31st July: RSC O.118 r 1. If 11th January is a Saturday or Sunday, the Hilary sittings begin on the following Monday. See also DCR 1997 O.1. See DISTRICT JUDGE AND SITTINGSTATUTORY SITTINGVACATION.


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