Murdoch's TOTW: Contract

Contract:   Read more
EU Law Monitor-1

EU Law Monitor - Issue 3

Data transfers to US valid in Max Schrems case – AG Saugmandsgaard Read more

EU Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions and its effect on existing Irish law

In June of this year, EU Directive 2019/1152 on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions was adopted with an implementation date of August 2022. Once transposed into Irish law, the new regime will overhaul the existing standard for contracts of employments provided under the Terms of Employment (Information) Act. Read more

Murdoch's TOTW: Internet

Also called the Net. The worldwide collection of networks and gateways which use a suite of protocols to communicate with one another. The genesis of the Internet was a decentralised network called ARPANET created by the US Department of Defence in 1969 to facilitate communications in the event of a nuclear attack. Read more

Irish Criminal Law Update - Issue 51

The latest installment in our Irish Criminal Law Update deals with the recent case of O'Byrne v DPP & Ors, Neville v DPP & Ors [2019] IEHC 715, which related to the constitutionality of the 'fixed charge notice' system for road traffic offences. Read more

Data Protection Enforcement: A Clear Road Ahead?

It is now just over a year and a half since the GDPR entered into force. The flood of ‘we would like to keep in touch’ emails, asking us to re-subscribe to marketing mailing lists that might not have followed best data protection practice in the past, has come to an end. This does not mean that organisations have all. Read more

Irish Property Law Update - Issue 93

The December edition of our Irish Property Law Update contains a comprehensive overview of recent case law relating to the enforcement of security, as well as covering a wide range of other issues. Follow the link below for a free trial of our online services. An excerpt from this section reads: Read more

Murdoch's TOTW: Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission: A statutory body which was established following the dissolution of the Competition Authority (qv) and the National Consumer Agency (qv), see Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014 Pt.2. Read more
High Court Dublin-1

Right to legal representation in workplace disciplinary procedures

The Supreme Court, in McKelvey v Irish Rail [2019], have issued a welcome clarification of an employee's entitlement to ‘representation’ during internal disciplinary procedures; ruling that same is only permitted in ‘exceptional’ circumstances. Unless this standard is satisfied, the refusal to permit legal. Read more

The debate rages on: Exactly who can be considered a consumer for the purposes of invoking consumer protection legislation?

The question as to who can be said to constitute a consumer has been played out ad nauseum before the courts over the past number of years. This question often appears in circumstances where the party has taken out loans for development purposes, but later claims to have acted as a consumer – such that it could be. Read more
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