Brexit Briefing - April 2019

Angela Merkel to hold round-table with border stakeholders As part of her visit to Ireland, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will today hold a round-table discussion with a group of interested parties from the border regions, including business owners and those who lived through The Troubles. Read more
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Brexit Briefing

Unwelcome Valentine's Day surprise looks likely for Prime Minister Last night Conservative MP Mark Francois told BBC News that he and the other members of the European Research Group (ERG) will vote against Ms May's motion on Brexit scheduled for today, citing the fact that it explicitly rules out a no-deal British. Read more

Brexit and border security: phantom menace or national emergency?

With the prospect of a ‘no-deal’ British exit from the European Union looming large on the horizon, several Irish government representatives have warned of a resurgence in criminal activity in the towns and villages along our 310-mile northern border. Read more
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