Premier League postponement: A different kind of 'penalty' than the type usually scrutinised

With the COVID-19 situation becoming more serious by the day, news broke late on Thursday 12 March that both Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Chelsea winger Calum Hudson-Odoi had tested positive for the virus. Read more

Murdoch's TOTW: Contract

Contract:   Read more

The debate rages on: Exactly who can be considered a consumer for the purposes of invoking consumer protection legislation?

The question as to who can be said to constitute a consumer has been played out ad nauseum before the courts over the past number of years. This question often appears in circumstances where the party has taken out loans for development purposes, but later claims to have acted as a consumer – such that it could be. Read more

From the archives: Ryanair v GmbH [2015]

Introduction This important case pertained to the use of Ryanair’s website by online travel companies, who took data relating to pricing and flight times from various airlines and aggregated them together so as to reduce the legwork which had to be done by consumers to source the best flight. Read more

Brexit and the doctrine of frustration of contract

Canary Wharf (BP4) T1 Limited v European Medicines Agency [2019] EWHC 335    Read more

The Indian Contract Act of 1872 and 'the great privity trick'

Introduction Though interesting only from a historiographical point of view, the ‘privity trick’ which was included in the Indian Contract Act 1872, is well-worth considering given the current uncertainty around the doctrine of privity and the rights of third parties. This article takes a look at the history behind. Read more

The contractual standing of soccer players: Tangible assets or mere employees?

Transfer season is upon us. Around this time of year, the back pages of newspapers are rife with a strange sort of speculation whereby grown men openly ponder where other grown men are going to be working next year, what fees are involved and what level of remuneration they may have been offered. Read more

Emiliano Sala debacle: The importance of reaching and recording a clear agreement

In the first of a series of contract law-themed articles, our online editor examines the importance of being familiar with the basic principles of offer and acceptance, as told through the lens of the recent Emiliano Sala debacle.  Read more

Kanye West claims he is being forced to continue making music, is that legal?

Last week, it emerged that musician-turned recurring guest star on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kanye West, is allegedly tied to a contract that has ‘no end in sight’. According to reports, the Chicago-born rapper originally signed a deal with music giant EMI in 2003 which has apparently been extended by mutual. Read more
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