Half Year Round Up

Half-Year Round-Up 2019

As we head into the latter half of the year, it’s the ideal time to take a look at the great Bloomsbury Professional Ireland titles that have come out so far in 2019. Read more

Secretary-General of the Department of Justice and Equality to oversee major overhaul

Aidan O'Driscoll, who took over the role of Secretary-General of the Department of Justice and Equality in June of last year, has been presiding over a period of transformation. Having moved over from the Department of Agriculture to fill the then-vacant role, Mr O'Driscoll seems to be adapting well to the challenge. Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Gazumping

With the Premier League summer transfer window set to open this week, here is a phrase you might see repeated ad nauseum in football podcasts and columns alike over the next few months as Europe's elite teams compete for the signatures of up and coming players. Read more

Case Note: Quinn v Irish Bank Resolution Corporation

Quinn v Irish Bank Resolution Corporation [2019] IEHC 181 Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Separation of Powers

A concept first articulated by French political philosopher Montesquieu in his 1748 treatise, The Spirit of Laws, the tripartite division of government powers is a core tenet of liberal Western democracy which remains relevant to this day - as evidenced by Tuesday's unanimous Supreme Court ruling. Read more

Supreme Court unanimous in dismissal of O'Brien appeal

Introduction Read more
Online Safety

Minister Bruton announces plans for new internet safety laws

Minister for Communications Richard Bruton has today announced plans for a new online safety regulatory regime which would oversee the appointment of an independent commissioner, tasked with prosecuting and fining corporate entities in violation of the proposed guidelines. Read more
Data Privacy on Black-Golden Watch Face with Closeup View of Watch Mechanism.

Law Society issues guidance on data protection

On Tuesday 5 February, the Law Society of Ireland issued a new Practice Note entitled: 'Data retention and destruction of paper and electronic files'. This follows on from a 2005 note in the same area, repeating and revising guidance in relation to best practice cyber-security procedures as they pertain to solicitors. Read more

Brexit and border security: phantom menace or national emergency?

With the prospect of a ‘no-deal’ British exit from the European Union looming large on the horizon, several Irish government representatives have warned of a resurgence in criminal activity in the towns and villages along our 310-mile northern border. Read more

Blockchain explained: getting to grips with the technology behind Bitcoin

By now, most of us have heard about Bitcoin. However, familiarity with the technology underpinning this cryptographic currency – colloquially known to coders as ‘the blockchain’ – is far less common. Read more
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