Murdoch's TOTW: Internet

Also called the Net. The worldwide collection of networks and gateways which use a suite of protocols to communicate with one another. The genesis of the Internet was a decentralised network called ARPANET created by the US Department of Defence in 1969 to facilitate communications in the event of a nuclear attack. Read more

Murdoch's TOTW: Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission: A statutory body which was established following the dissolution of the Competition Authority (qv) and the National Consumer Agency (qv), see Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014 Pt.2. Read more

Murdoch's TOTW: Trade Union

Trade Union: Read more

Murdoch's TOTW: Conveyance

Conveyance: Read more

Murdoch's TOTW: Partnership

Partnership: Read more

Murdoch’s TOTW: Standing Orders

On Wednesday 6 November, the High Court refused to grant an injunction sought by People Before Profit TDs which would force a change to Dáil procedures, citing concerns over the separation of powers. This week’s TOTW examines ‘standing orders’, the idea that Houses of the Oireachtas should have the power to make their. Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Carbon Fund

With Budget 2020 placing a huge emphasis on climate action, perhaps it is time to get reacquainted with previous attempts at combating this global issue. This week's TOTW offers concise insight into the fund set up following the Kyoto Protocol. Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Fixed-Term Contract

Fixed-Term Contract: Unfair dismissal legislation does not apply to fixed term contracts of employment where the dismissal consists only of the expiry of the term or cesser of the purpose: Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 s.2(2)(b). Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Prorogation

Prorogation: Read more

Murdoch's Term of the Week: Garda, Complaints Against

The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission, which is an independent body with responsibility for investigating complaints, was established by statute in 2005. This week's TOTW examines this often controversial area. Read more
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